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Join Us On Sunday Free Meditation in Norman Public Library

Norman Public Library, 225 North Webster Avenue, Norman, OK 73069

23 Dec, 2018
23 Dec, 2018

More about these sessions of free Meditation:
How does this Meditation differ from other popular forms of meditation?
Meditation is unique in its ability to awaken and connect to your Inner
Energy and influence the movement of this energy up through your body's
seven primary energy centers to achieve physical and emotional
well-being and ultimately establish a connection of your energy with
energy that is all around us.
It is free and easy to learn and establish.
Visit http://www.sahajameditation.com for details and experience it.
are inviting you to join us in library for a simple technique to enrich
your life and connect you to the joy resides within each one of us.
This technique of meditation is always offered free of charge and is
easy to practice by all ages and backgrounds.
All our programs are always free of charge.
No membership, prior experience or knowledge required.
It's easy to learn and has lots of benefits.
We would like to welcome the new members to these sessions as well as those who have been practicing it.
group of us (from different parts of the country- who have been
meditating for some time) are coming together in Norman for the
introductory meditation classes. We are excited at the prospect of
meeting all of you to share our journey & experiences and would love
to listen to your journey which brought about your interest in
meditation. We are also looking forward to introduce you to an extremely
simple but fulfilling meditation practice from which millions all over
the world have benefited.
You are welcome to join one or more of
the classes. Also please invite your family members, friends and
colleagues. If your work/personal schedule does not allow you to attend
any of the classes, we would be happy to meet you later, if you are keen
to experience this meditation.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Best Wishes -Free meditation team
Email Address: OklahomaFreeMeditation@gmail.com
Phone Number: (405) 928-3077

On Sunday 23rd Dec 2018 at 1:30 PM

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